To you as a member of a golf club belonging to World of Leading Golf, Golf is more than just the game; it is a way of life. 

When playing your course, its superior quality is a given and you naturally expect the utmost in service, gastronomy, style and general ambience.

Now, to ensure an outstanding golf experience wherever you play, World of Leading Golf has arranged for you to feel like a member in any of our member clubs. You will receive VIP treatment for a day, three days or a members-only tour from the British Isles across Spain and Italy up to Lithuania and down across the East to the Turkish Riviera.

You will not only profit from VIP packages automatically granted to any member golfer of the WLG, when on location! On this website, we offer a choice of options:

  • Go to Member for a Day for the booking of tee times in all member clubs including special services-packages.
  • Go to Members’ Golf breaks’ for the booking of short sojourns at a WLG member club including members-only upgrades regarding services, accommodations and gastronomy.
  • Go to ‘Tours & Tournaments for the booking of exclusive golf holidays or the participation in events and members-only-tournaments.
  • Go to ‘Winter bases’ for the extension of the summer memberships for a limited period.

Make the most of your membership at a World of Leading Golf member club and ‘feel like a member’ no matter where you choose to play!

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