About Us

The World of Leading Golf is a corporation that represents the most distinctive golf clubs in Europe. At the same time, it is a brand identifying these golf clubs to the demanding golf player and the interested public.

The corporation and its members are passionately committed to preserve the golf culture and the “spirit of the game” not only by heeding to such things as rules, the dress code and etiquette. They oblige themselves to the very highest of quality standards concerning the design and caretaking of the golf courses as well as all golf-relevant services.

In their ambition to make a demanding golfers day the best he or she has ever had, members of the World of Leading Golf furthermore devote themselves to the creation of a welcoming and stylish upper-class ambience and an outstanding gastronomy.

Even though you will find our member clubs at the forefront of all representative rankings, the Leading-label will be what you need to look for when searching for the utmost in golf experiences.

Please feel free to visit and browse through our download area to find out more about the World of Leading Golf and its goals and benefits.