Participating clubs and teams

  • The World of Leading Golf World Cup Series tournaments will be played at some of the most prestigious golf clubs in Europe that are members of WLG.
  • Each of the participating clubs may put together one or more teams of four to participate.
  • The right to play the tournament will be defined by order of inscriptions. The time of inscription is not the time, the registration was filled out, it is the time all players are named and all relevant details are completed.
  • The teams will be formed by 4 players including 1 team captain.
  • The teams can be represented by both men and ladies with a limited handicap of 24 for men and 36 for ladies. All players must be over 18 years old.
  • The announcement will be made in 3 steps: members, friends of members, potential new members, so also non WLG members could take part. WLG members has the first chance to inscribe their team.
  • Minimum 2 players must be members of the club they present.
  • The WLG, the host venue as well as the organizing committee are allowed to refuse a participation at any time without giving reasons.
  • Also less than 4 player could start a request to take part (this could be 1,2 or three players). WLG tries to match those teams or fill the teams by member golfers of the host club or sponsors. If the team constellation is according to the rules they could play in rank / competition. Otherwise they play out of the competition – which means they can not win the first WLG prizes.

Format of play

  • The format of play will be 36-hole stableford in 2 days. (net and gross scores).
  • The best 3 scores of each day from each team will count to the final team score. The team with the most net or gross points will be the net- or gross winner of the tournament.
  • Flights consist of 4 players arranged by strict handicap order; max. two team members or members of the same club could play together.
  • Accompanying persons (non-golfer) to join the event are on request.

Rules of play

The tournament will be played under the rules of play applicable by the host club country golf federation and the club local rules.

Player`s registration

  • The official player registration and shot gun start list will be done at the host club the day before the tournament starts. Any last minute changes in players must be notified to the organizing committee.
  • A handicap certificate from the home golf club or federation will be required.
  • The team constellation could be changed on the second day, if two of the players want to play together.

Play-off & Ties

  • In case of a tie between two or more teams, the team with the lowest sum of total handicaps that count towards the final score will lead the net score, the team with the highest sum of total handicaps that count towards the final score will lead the gross score. If any tie remains the best 2nd day score will win. If any tie remains the better scoring team will be the team with the lowest combined score that count towards the final score for the final nine (9) holes of the game.

The WLG Prizes

  • Any special scoring will be announced 14 days before the first tournament starts.