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Situated in the outskirts of Madrid, Golf La Moraleja is not only one of Spain’s most widely reputed clubs, given its number of holes, it is also the largest golf club in the country and the largest inner-city club in Europe.

Founded in 1973, La Moraleja currently has four 18-hole golf courses, all of them designed by Jack Nicklaus. Nevertheless, their layout varies, Moraleja 1 being a short, narrow and very technical course whereas the longer Moraleja 2 is designed to comfort spectators with wider and less lavishly planted holes. Course 3 is configured as a long, classical, parkland-type course dominated by enormous lakes while course 4 thrives from its inventive design across undulated terrain with isles of vegetation and even more water hazards.

There are two club houses on Moraleja 1 and 2 situated at La Moraleja residential estate (Alcobendas) as well as a prebuilt modular club house for courses 3 and 4, which are located in the municipality of Algete. The club furthermore boasts with a 9-hole short course, 8 tennis courts, 12 paddle tennis courts, 2 squash courts, a tennis clubhouse and a children’s chalet as well as one covered and three open-air swimming pools, a gym and a spa.

Golf La Moraleja has 6,000 shareholder members. In 2013 it was voted the best golf course in Spain by Deporte & Business and in 2014, La Moraleja 3 was voted the second best golf course in Spain by the American magazine Golf Digest. The Club has hosted renowned competitions such as the World Cup of Golf (1992), the Spanish Open (1986, 1997) and the Madrid Open (2006).


La Moraleja is a members club with four 18-hole courses

Handicap men 26,4; women 36,4

World of Leading Golf members are welcome at any time with advance notice to:



Club Golf La Moraleja

Pº Marquesa Viuda de Aldama, 50
28109 La Moraleja – Alcobendas
Madrid, Spain

Tel. +34 916 500700

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