Trump Turnberry Resort

Trump Turnberry Resort


Certified quality – why demanding golfers can count on the new reference book

Due to the incomparably tough terms of admission for clubs wishing to become members of the association and the absolutely impartial testing procedures, the ‘World of Leading Golf Guide’ stands out from regular literature on the sport. The 60 member clubs portrayed within belong to the elite of Europe’s golf establishments. They will easily stand up to the promise made in the World of Leading Golf-Commitment to leadership in quality on and off their courses. Which is why the guide is a great help in decision-making when choosing where to play.

However, the philosophy of quality and value not only differentiates the clubs from others. It is the key to some equally unmatched benefits for member golfers belonging to any one of the World of Leading Golf member clubs. The ‘World of Leading Golf Guide ’ also gives a sneak preview on those as well as featuring some very special events and cooperation partners relevant for the golf enthusiast.

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