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Celtic Manor Resort

How to become a member

The World of Leading Golf Mystery Test

Becoming a member of World of Leading Golf means, you must comply with a certain factual standard of quality and that you passionately commit yourself to certain values of an almost emotional nature. To make sure, you know exactly, what is asked of you, please read our commitment here.

Besides an official assessment of your club upon your application, there will be testers (golfers) with a handicap from 0 to 25 visiting your club anonymously. About 4 times per year, they will be calling on your reception and come to play your courses. They will try out your restaurant, shop something and make use of some of the services you provide beyond that in order to objectively re-evaluate your qualities.

The tests for World of Leading Golf are carried out by testers appointed by the renowned St. Andrews bases International Golf Research, and is based on a professionally developed questionnaire which assesses all relevant quality aspects while taking into consideration the individual characteristics of your establishment and regional specifics. Please switch to the Mystery Test menu for further details.


Pre-test for benchmarking purposes

Should you consider becoming a WLG member club, IGR offers the possibility of ordering a first Mystery Test in order to facilitate access and help you define your club's position in the WLG ranking. The Pre-Test may serve to analyse strengths and weaknesses and will be accompanied by a consultancy offer through IGR as follow-up – an offer you may or may not choose to make use of.


Conditions of membership

Having passed the inaugural tests you will be integrated into the union as a pre-member before becoming a full member the following year. This will allow you the time you may need to see, if the membership works for you.

As for annual costs, there is a licensing & processing fee to cover allowing you to use the World of Leading Golf logo and other materials to let members and guests know you belong to this certified elite as well as admitting you to our network activities. The quota due for marketing & counselling covers the integration of your club in all our communication materials and you will profit from the expertise of the WLG staff and the knowledge of our partners and associates. Furthermore, the expenses for the organisation of the World of Leading Golf Mystery Tests have to be carried including providing the testers with all they need to carry out their tasks properly. The costs for the testers will be redeemed since they will be paying your regular fees and by all other expenses during their visit. The prices for the tests vary depending on the level of intensity you choose.

As an optional service World of Leading Golf offers an added value package to intensify promotion and upselling. Choose it and you will participate in the World of Leading Golf Concierge Services, our loyalty program for golfers.

Please contact the World of Leading Golf management for further details