Celtic Manor Resort

Celtic Manor Resort

The who is who

Even amongst upper class-golf clubs, the competition for members and guest players is intensifying – which is why some make substantial compromises regarding their pricing followed by an inevitable decrease of their quality standards. A spiral leading downwards only …

While perfection has become a claim too many companies use to attract guests and customers, World of Leading Golf represents a certified group of the most renowned and prestigious golf clubs on the continent. A community of quality and values committed to upkeep the highest standards possible where golf, service, ambience and wellbeing are concerned.

By carrying out anonymous mystery tests in our clubs, we provide an objectively evaluated certification to identify the best of the best and position them as the „Champions League“ of golf courses. At the same time, we keep bearing in mind the differences and characteristics of our member clubs as that is a part of what makes them unique.

Being a member of World of Leading Golf will give you the chance to identify yourself to the golf audience as one of the very best 3 % of golf clubs in Europe. A sales argument you don’t have to share with other “rather nice” golf clubs. It will help you differentiate yourself in the market and attract the moneyed golfer who demands superior quality and does not choose by discount rates.