Golf Costa Adeje

Golf Costa Adeje


New WLG reference book presents WLG services and all current member clubs

To make sure a sophisticated golfer spends his or her valuable time in golf venues, that stand up to their claim on excellence, World of Leading Golf regularly publishes new editions of The World of Leading Golf Guide presenting the association’s member clubs to the demanding audience of World of Leading Golf member golfers and like-minded golf enthusiasts.

‘World of Leading Golf’ as a quality community is committed to a distinctive and significant value orientation. The association represents only those 3 % of the world‘s top golf clubs that are utterly devoted to the highest level of quality in all aspects. To prove and ensure the maintenance of this level, World of Leading Golf has implemented a system of ‘Mystery Tests’ evaluating and comparing all aspects relevant for guests. Which is why the World of Leading Golf Guide 2016 can be considered a truly reliable help in decision-making, when wishing to enjoy truly individual and superior golf club concepts.

The online version of the World of Leading Golf Guide will allow you a first impression of some of the most remarkable golf clubs in Europe and beyond, taking you from the UK across Central Europe down to the Iberian Peninsula and eastward to Italy, Turkey and Bulgaria. Be it Germany, France or Morocco, Estonia, Russia or Abu Dhabi – allow yourself a little time browsing through this great new edition of our World of Leading Golf-Guide and let it serve your passion as a dependable source of reference for unrivalled quality in golf! Especially since the new World of Leading Golf Concierge Services travel platform may soon help you get there more easily!

WORLD OF LEADING GOLF GUIDE 2016 online magazine

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