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Golf Costa Adeje


WLG President Wolfgang Künneth hands over WLG Sign and Commitment

With the beginning of the year, the Hardenberg GolfResort with its fabulous two Championship courses – the Göttingen Course and the Niedersachsen Course – became an official member of the ‘Champions League‘ of European golf clubs, the burgeoning World of Leading Golf. At the time, there are 40 members belonging to this elite, Hardenberg being one of four German representatives.

The official reception into the WLG took place on Whitmonday, the 25th of May 2015, when WLG President Wolfgang Künneth handed over the new World of Leading Golf-sign by which the venue displays its affiliation to club members and guests alike. “The Hardenberg GolfResort certainly belongs to the very best of all international golf clubs”, the president states. “We are very proud of being able to welcome the establishment in our community of quality and values”.

The public portrayal with the help of the WLG sign and Commitment serves to communicate the membership to the WLG to the demanding golfer and will reassure him or her of being in just the right place for an enjoyable and challenging round of golf. The association is at this time very actively penetrating the World of Leading Golf brand to strengthen its function as  means of orientation for the member clubs’ target audience. And the response of clubs as much as of golfers is more than encouraging …


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