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Golf Costa Adeje


Remodelling works of the Albatros course soon to be finished

As the stadium-like Albatros Golf Course has been designated to become the Ryder Cup venue of 2018, the plans for the remodelling that have been developed by European Golf Design in liason with the European Tour are gradually being executed.

Given the extreme popularity of the Albatros Course amongst renowned professionals, there will only be a few obvious modifications to be carried out on the golf course design. The layout, playability and conditions had been carefully analysed by European Golf Design working alongside a team from The European Tour, the French Golf Federation and Le Golf National.

While the course had been constructed as THE championship course for French Open from the beginning, even greater spectator and hospitality requirements as well as transport and circulation needs of a new level during the Ryder Cup 2018 are being taken into account. Car paths, roads and platforms are being constructed to guarantee the best flow, visibility and commodity for the expected 60.000 spectators and visitors per day that we expect during the tournament. Fiber optic, drinking water and electricity will be also included in the golf course renovation works to upgrade on course services ready to welcome the Worlds greatest golfing event. Major work is also being done to the drainage and irrigation system to assure the best golf course conditions during the Ryder Cup.

Looking at the holes, merely the 1st and 16th green are being reshaped in order to increase the amount of possible pin positions. Some pro tees like 3, 13 and 14 will be enlarged. Lake edges will be renovated and also some new bunkers will be added to the course. Alejandro Reyes, superintendent of the Golf National, appreciates the positive feedback he and his greenkeepers regularly receive on the conditions of the Albatros. But just like everyone else in the Ryder Cup development team, he is adamant about refurbishments and strives for perfection in every detail.

For those members and associates of World of Leading Golf who wish to get a feel for the peculiarities of the remodelled Albatros course before the venue is in the hands of the Ryder Cup professionals, WLG will soon be offering a trip to the venue. Besides getting to play golf, participants will be talking to some of the people responsible for the overhaul and share insights with the management of Le Golf National and the French Golf Federation.

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