Golf Costa Adeje

Golf Costa Adeje


The pre-released WLG manual for golfers was highly praised at WLG Awards Dinner & Seminar

As part of their workshop-presentation at the acclaimed golf business event, the World of Leading Golf management has presented a pre-edition of the new World of Leading Golf Guide to the participants.

Just like all other members, business partners and associates who attended the Awards Event and got their hands on a copy of the freshly printed World of Leading Golf Guide 2016, visitors of the seminar were impressed by the overall look and feel of the new booklet. Even though it was not the final version: World of Leading Golf is expecting more members to join the union in the next couple of weeks which shall be integrated in the guide. Also, development in other areas is gaining momentum and further changes and chances for the World of Leading Golf and its member clubs may influence the guide’s final contents.

Of course, the responsible World of Leading Golf team will collect all comments and amendments made by any of the relevant parties and is grateful for their attentive eyes. But even they were happy with the result in their hands and the positive reactions to the work. As CMO Jürgen Hansen put it: ”The World of Leading Golf Guide is a key publication of the association since it is addressing the demanding golfer directly. It helps to guide him, to serve as a reliable means of orientation since our member clubs are being tested regularly and objectively to certify that they are matching the World of Leading Golf’s quality standards. I mean, that is what we all want: to satisfy the sophisticated golfer’s demands and to make sure playing a World of Leading Golf course is an inimitable golf experience.”

Open World of Leading Golf Guide e-magazine

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