Golf Costa Adeje

Golf Costa Adeje


Stoke Park’s director of golf, Stuart Collier, delighted to be accepted into WLG

Stoke Park had just become a member of World of Leading Golf earlier this year. Now, as ‘home of‘, it will play an essential role as communication base for the association. Claus Feldt, WLG’s CEO, explained: “In an expanding organisation such as WLG it is essential you have a place on the ground you can call ‘home’, somewhere you can not only regard as your ‘family’ base but also somewhere you’re happy to wave the flag for you. Stoke Park is a fabulous venue and we are very proud to have it as our spiritual ‘home’ in England.

“When choosing a ‘home’ venue in each of our member countries it has to be a prestigious, quality venue – but that’s where we are fortunate at WLG because all of our members are, by their nature, prestigious, quality venues. We’re looking forward to confirming our ‘home’ venues in other countries as the year progresses.”


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