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World of Leading Golf CEO Claus Feldt about assets and targets of the association

Madrid’s renowned Golf La Moraleja had become a member and ‘home of’ World of Leading Golf in Spain in 2016. In an interview with the La Moraleja club magazine, WLG CEO Claus Feldt recently explained the backgrounds and membership conditions of the association underlining the exclusivity of the member clubs and the benefits for the respective member golfers.

To ensure, that WLG as a brand is recogized as a quality certificate serving as arreliable means of orientation for demanding golfers from all over the world, only clubs with the highest quality standards can join WLG. Having said that, Claus Feldt’s estimate on potential candidates amounts to about 3 % of all golf courses in European.

The admission to the union is based on facts and numbers derived by the means of the World of Leading Golf Mystery Test. An anonymous mystery shopping procedure following concrete guidelines specified by the association’s testing institute International Golf Research.

Looking back at the assessments made for Golf La Moraleja when it applied to become a World of Leading Golf member club, Feldt specifically points out the club’s relentless effort to maintain the highest standards. In fact, he said, that La Moraleja’s third course “is one of the best courses that we have been able to observe and examine throughout Europe.” All four courses have successfully passed the tests, however, and promise WLG-certified excellence. Which is no surprise, as the club also has a long, successful history as host of several competitions of the European Tour and there is no second venue in Europe with a total of four Jack Nicklaus golf courses.

Going into the details of the World of Leading Golf Mystery Test, Feldt makes sure to mention the distinctions made during the testing due to the differences of markets, cultures and traditions. In respect to the according preconditions and management models, each country has its own standard of reference while covering the same aspects – be it the course quality, the conditions of golf-relevant facilities, the services offered, the ambience, gastronomy and overall impression. Items that are of special importance to the respective club’s management as well, since the constant evaluations (up to 4 x p.a.) help to ensure the continuity of high quality standards.

Clubs also benefit from the cooperative partnership and open exchange amongst all World of Leading Golf member clubs, an elite business network created to support and inspire each other. Each club’s members profit from the reciprocal agreement of supplying special treatment to the members of other WLG member clubs. A concept Claus Feldt and his team christened “feeling like a member” and which is slowly merging into an entire world of exclusive golf experiences offered on a members-only internet platform. By way of the ‘World of Leading Golf Concierge Services’, golfers belonging to a WLG member club can book tee times, golf brakes or tournament packages especially designed to cater to their demands. A win-win situation, since member clubs benefit from the travel platform just as much as their member golfers do.

As Feldt terminates his interview with some thoughts on national and regional differences, the article in the La Moraleja Magazine also reflects the history of World of Leading Golf and its own position as one of only eight WLG member clubs in Spain. Being a part of “the selected few” who not only have the reputation but also passed the Mystery Test clearly is to be valued by golfers just as much as by business partners. Which is why it makes all the more sense to use the World of Leading Golf logo as a sign of distinction.

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