Golf Costa Adeje

Golf Costa Adeje


The Leading Golf Courses Europe rebrands to reflect global reach

Speaking at the annual 59Club awards dinner, at Forest of Arden Hotel & Country Club, Birmingham, England, Claus Feldt, the general manager of WLG, explained: “Perfection has become a claim too many companies use to attempt to attract guests and customers. But only a very few succeed in attracting the level of clientele they are trying to reach.

“The core of the terms of admission to the World of Leading Golf is an utter devotion to the quality and values of golf. Member clubs and potential members are tested anonymously to certify the clubs’ compliance to WLG standards. We thereby provide an objectively evaluated certification to identify the ‘best of the best’ and position them as the ‘Champions League’ of golf courses.”

He continued: “The brand and whoever is connected to it will be recognised as part of the elite of golf. As representatives of the WLG brand and associated member clubs, the management will represent members’ interests on the internet, facing the press, and at trade and consumer fairs, serving as ambassadors everywhere they go.

“Presidents, managers and the leading personnel of member clubs will profit from a diverse means of networking – online and personally – by meeting up at our varied events. Research and consultancy on the basis of the mystery-test results will help eliminate any weaknesses and raise our already high standards.

“Together, we continue to develop new and innovative activities to attract member and guest players as well as new brand partners and the media.”

The ‘mystery’ tests will be fulfilled by 59Club, Europe’s leading golf-specific mystery shopper service, and have been adapted to suit the diversity and cultural differences of members. The test is focused on maintaining the highest standards in all areas – including customer service, customer satisfaction and economic targets – but also to ensure the venues remain aspirational.

Feldt added: “The various 59Club mystery shopper tools allow measurement and benchmarking against the industry, competitors and other leading venues. And, for WLG member clubs, these obligatory mystery-shopper tests will have tangible benefits.

WLG intensifies its focus on marketing and communication for certified premium clubs in order to promote awareness throughout Europe. Print and on-line publications – such as its annual guide for golfers and regular newsletters – serve as reference guides for the demanding golfer, while ‘members only’ travel offers and other advantages will pamper him and make him feel the difference of playing and staying at a leading establishment.


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