The World of Leading Golf Mystery Test

Besides an official assessment of any club that applies to become a World of Leading Golf member club, the venue has to pass the World of Leading Golf Mystery Test in order to be admitted to the association.

 The test is anonymously executed 2 - 4 times a year by testers with a handicap from 0 - 25, commissioned by International Golf Research, a joint venture of World of Leading Golf with St. Andrews based Braemar Golf. The test serves to measure, benchmark and compare our member club’s qualities against each other and versus other relevant competitors.

Based on a professionally developed questionnaire, the test is aimed on reviewing all quality aspects of the experience, meaning that the testers not only check on course conditions, they also assess all golf-relevant facilities and services on and off the courses. Since a club’s atmosphere and style as well as the employees’ attentiveness play a major role in a guest’s wellbeing, the test also includes questions of customer service and customer satisfaction.

In respect to the diversity and internationality of WLG members, the mystery test has been refined to adapt to differences in focus and the golfer’s expectations.

The test results are not disclosed to the public. After the annual revision, only WLG member clubs get access to their final test results which may then be used for marketing purposes as well as further counselling regarding economic targets. In addition the World of Leading Golf Mystery Test results are being used to determine the annual World of Leading Golf Award winners.

The WLG Mystery Test procedure contains:

  • On-location test by 1 anonymous player per test
  • Processing and presentation of the resulting facts & figures
  • Detailed analysis and comparisons
  • Access to total results of all WLG member clubs
  • Ranking of all clubs

The aspects anonymously tested are:

For World of Leading Golf member clubs, the obligatory Mystery Tests may lead to significant and tangible return for minimal investment and can be used as a marketing tool to promote international awareness.