Celtic Manor Resort

Celtic Manor Resort

Why become a member

Attracting the right clientele

The World of Leading Golf is a brand that certifies the outstanding quality of your establishment at first sight – an instantly recognizable symbol for excellence in all areas involved.

Thanks to our neutral and very strict methods of testing, the logo is the most objective and reliable certification for quality in all golf-associated aspects and areas beyond golf such as dining, travelling, shopping and lifestyle.

Since this will attract a most well-to-do target audience, belonging to World of Leading Golf will ensure long term profits for each member club.

As a certified member, you will improve your club’s image and its level of awareness by being integrated in the communications material of World of Leading Golf.

Presence in the media

Our media plans include

  • Your introduction in our annual World of Leading Golf Guide which will be spread all across Europe
  • Your presentation on diverse websites as well as on facebook
  • Articles in our newsletter sent to selected addressors in all relevant target audiences
  • Participation in PR, promotional and coop-activities on the internet and in the relevant print media

Using the WLG logo as a quality certificate in all their corporate communications and advertising material.

Sharing experiences and objectives

As a member you will have the opportunity to regularly get in contact with other World of Leading Golf members, so you may profit from each others’ experience and pursue our common goals. This will not only take place amongst presidents and managers, we will promote dialogue amongst greenkeepers, sport captains and other specialists as well!

Our major tool to get to know one-another are our very popular and constructive connecting trips, which take place in the various member clubs. Here we organize workshops and press conferences as well as tournaments and meetings with brand partners and diverse professionals relevant for us.

Learning to be better than the best

Of course, World of Leading Golf will provide you with all you need to know to keep up with the modern developments of your profession. Furthermore, we will help you evaluate the regular tests and assessments we carry out in your club and consult you on what can be done to achieve even more.

For more comprehensive information, please contact us via e-mail: info@world-of-leading-golf.com